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Friday, April 5, 2013

Asian Palm Swift

The Asian Palm Swift (Cypsiurus balasiensis) is a small swift. It is very similar to the African Palm SwiftCypsiurus parvus, and was formerly considered to be the same species.
It is a common resident breeder in tropical Asia from India to the Philippines. The down and feather nest is glued to the underside of a palm leaf with saliva, which is also used to secure the usually two or three eggs. This is a bird of open country and cultivation, which is strongly associated with Oil Palms
This 13 cm long species is mainly pale brown in colour. It has long swept-back wings that resemble a crescent or a boomerang. The body is slender, and the tail is long and deeply forke, although it is usually held closed. The call is a loud shrill scream

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